Namta® is The International Art Materials Association. Namta members are retail sellers, supplier manufacturers, distributors and importers, and independent representatives of art materials products. The Association provides members with the products, services and information and is recognized as an international leader and unifying force in the support, sustainability and advocacy of art and the art/creative materials business. 71 Years and still going strong - a little Namta History.



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April 7th

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April 14

The Palette from Namta is a collection of recent Web articles about the Art Community and the Art Materials Industry.

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2021 Grant Applications will be available May 1, 2021

2020 Art Advocacy Recipients
Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) - $2,000

Veterans Alternative, Inc. - $3,000
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"I loved the practical suggestions and the comment about utility first, esthetics second.  The beautiful shelves that were installed in my store space are not especially utilitarian for display.  The presentation gave me some ideas of how I might improve the function of my space - so helpful. "

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