The Hall of Fame
NAMTA’s highest award, The Hall of Fame, is to recognize those who have been supporters, volunteers, and champions of the association.

Congratulations to This Year's Hall of Fame Recipient!

Hayley Prendergast  2019
As a family business, Hayley had worked summers at Grafix and remembers putting together customer binders in the dining room to make some extra money.  But joining the family business was not her long term plan.  After graduating from college with an Art History degree, Hayley received a ‘personal’ want ad in the mail from her father.  She decided to take him up on the offer on a trial basis and negotiated her starting role as product manager and joined Grafix in 1992.  Now, after the 27 years, moving through a variety of roles; product manager, marketing manager, sales manager, VP of Sales & Marketing, President of Consumer Products and finally Owner with her brother after buying the business when their father retired in 2002, it has indeed become her long term plan.   In her time at Grafix it has grown both in size and scope, expanding their range of products, facility size as well as their sales reach globally.  

Through her tenure in the Art Materials industry Hayley served on a several committees; including at the start of her career, when asked to join a tradeshow committee to bring new “perspective” to the subject.  She helped with the NAMTA foundation, now Art Matters, and Dues Committee, but made her major contribution to the industry beginning in 2008 with seven years on the NAMTA Board; three years as a member, four on Namta's Executive Committee with one year as president. There is no question, she believes we all need to put in our time to support each other and the greater good of the Art Materials Community so we can, not just survive, but thrive.

Reggie Hall, 2018
Retired - Namta Executive Director 2011 - 2019


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