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Namta provides an array of products and services developed to assist members in business.


 2020 Promotional Retail Calendar

Namta's Promotional Calendar can assist art materials retailers with their marketing and promotion plans. Special events and promotions draw attention to your store, create excitement and boost the bottom line.

Here's a month-by-month list of potential promotional events NAMTA has compiled for you.

2020 Promotional Retail Calendar



Healthcare Coverage Options for Namta Members

Namta seeks to explore opportunities to partner with other Associations, individuals and companies to provide value-added programs, publications and services. By anticipating and meeting your changing needs, we are now offering this Association benefit to enable you to access healthcare coverage at a reduction in cost.

Our members have been asking for a healthcare solution and after much research and discussion, we have found, launched by MJM Global, to be a perfect choice. You’ll enjoy savings on healthcare coverage, and will receive a number of options, such as:

  • A reduction in healthcare costs
  • Better and more appropriate healthcare options and lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • Simplification of the process of enrolling in healthcare
  • Clarity regarding the true cost of healthcare
  • The best choices available in the marketplace, with flexible benefits and wellness solutions

Access this benefit via where you can shop online for your preferred deductible, provider network, effective date, and receive immediate price savings when compared to the current Affordable Care Act plans. If state laws allow, and if you qualify, Level-Funded plans are available that can refund up to 50% of unused premium dollars.

MJM Global, a proud member of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA), serves the needs of more than 3000 businesses, professionals and households throughout the United States and abroad. They launched to help Association members see immediate and significant savings on one of the largest business expenses, in addition to turning an otherwise complicated health insurance buying process into an easy system. uses the collective purchasing power of the Namta membership to reduce healthcare premiums, while maintaining flexibility in plan design and provider. This benefit enables members to take control of their true healthcare costs. Bundled with the coverage is Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits including Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver, Telemedicine and Confidential Counseling and Support. Take advantage of this benefit to receive health and wellness benefits at the true cost of care.

The entire Namta team is committed to continuously provide the resources and support you need to succeed and thrive. Go to now to take advantage of this benefit.



Art Materials World brings unique opportunities for art materials dealers and suppliers from around the World to connect.

Namta's Online Membership Directory lets members see who their NAMTA peers are.



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  Job Listing for Members

Namta Members can now promote - for FREE - an available position within their company in Namta's bi-weekly eNews and on the new Job Listings Page on The listing will run in an issue of eNEWS and then it will remain on the Job Listing Page until you notify NAMTA that the position has been filled.


Savings Advantage for Members

Savings programs for members.

♦ Articles for Retailers

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Make Your Store a Stand Out!
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Generating Foot Traffic

♦ 101 Tips for Art Materials Retailers

Many of the industry’s most experienced and respected art material retailers have shared a little of their wisdom with Namta and you are the beneficiary. 101 Tips (that don’t include pricing) for Art Material Retailers will immerse you in page after page of advice from a group of experts who, collectively, have more than 500 years of experience selling art materials.  Login required

 Artist & Art Materials Studies

The 2018 Retailer Study

Namta’s 2018 Retail Study, the second piece of the association’s tri-annual Artist and Art Materials Survey, is now downloadable here.  The 36-page report is free to Namta members.Conducted by The Olinger Group of New Orleans, the study is the fourth report of art materials retailer research (previously studies were done in 2009, 2012, 2015) designed to identify and monitor current and future trends in the art industry. Both US (153) and Canadian (15) art materials retailers participated in the study, which was conducted between February 15 and March 9 of this year.

The 2018 Artist & Art Materials Study

FREE for NAMTA Members

Non-Members - $500 - Purchase

NAMTA’s 2018, tri-annual Artist & Art Materials Study is another of NAMTA’s great member benefits and represents the fourth in a series of valuable survey data about the Art Materials business and its customers. The Survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2017 for NAMTA by The Olinger Group of New Orleans.

The Namta study was based on an online survey of 7,090 professional artists, student artists, and art hobbyists.  This very large sample size yields a very low margin of error of ± 1.1%.  Every survey involves some degree of error – that is, some difference between the survey result and the actual population result if every member of the relevant population were measured.  A margin of error ± 1.1% means that we are 95% confident that the survey result is within only ± 1.1% of the true population value.  This extremely high degree of precision ensures that the survey-based estimates presented in this report are accurate and trustworthy.
Because the population was sampled by inviting respondents to self-select to participate, we are unsure which sources participants came to the survey from.  But considering the large number and variety of participant sources, there should be no particular bias toward respondents from any one particular sample source. - The Olinger Group

The 2018 Artist & Art Materials Study is packaged in 3 reports:
  • Tables and Trending
  • Artists & Art Materials Survey Report
  • Artists & Art Materials Survey Comments
All three reports are FREE to download for Namta members.

Studies - 2015

Artists Survey Results from over 6,000 US and Canadian artists.
Artists & Art Materials Market Summary has data on 2015 size and growth of the art materials market in the USA and Canada.
Retail Survey Results from 150 art materials retailers in the US and Canada - core financial metrics, growth and product trends, marketing and business best practices, challenges, and feedback for suppliers.
Studies have been independently conducted in 2009, 2012, and 2015 with surveys of artists in the USA and Canada. Studies are FREE for NAMTA members.

Studies - 2009, 2012, and 2015

2015 Market Summary is the ONLY summary available of the trends, size and growth of the art materials market in the USA and Canada.

2015 Artist Study
gives the results of a December 2014 survey of more than 6,000 artists in the USA and Canada, including artworks created, art materials, content use, social media, spending by product category and retail channel, feedback for retailers, demographics, and returning to art. Report includes data from all three study years (2009, 2012, 2015), and professional, student, and recreational artists.

2015 Retail Study gives the results of a 2015 survey of 150 art materials retailers in the USA and Canada: core financial metrics, growth trends, product trends, marketing and business best practices, challenges, and feedback for suppliers. The report includes data from 2009, 2012, and 2015.

10 Business Tools

From the 2012 Artist & Art Material Survey, includes retailer financial benchmarks, retailer marketing adviser, online retailer areas for improvement, product growth trends, along with product development insights.

Members Only
Non-member price is $500 - use this form to purchase, or email [email protected].

 Retail Operations Manuals

Managing People
Volume I - A must-read for retail employers.
Topics include placing an ad for a job opening, the application, the Interview and the selection process of new employees, plus employee handbooks, policies and procedures reviews, incentives, and staff education. Examples of interview forms included.

Advertising and Marketing  
Volume 2 - Create a marketing plan and shape your brand, determine how much you should be investing in advertising and marketing, set up an annual advertising and marketing calendar to maximize your return on that investment, determine strengths and weaknesses of traditional media, effectively manage digital advertising/marketing channels available - plus worksheets and tips from experienced art material retailers.
Volume 3 - Merchandising has traditionally been about the process used to conduct retail sales. What products do you sell, how to present them to your customers and at what price. While art materials retailers have traditionally engaged in the task of retail merchandising in a physical location, the internet has now made it possible to apply these same basic principles online in a virtual store. Merchandising – has been written specifically for art materials retailers. Whether a novice in the business or a veteran retailer looking to explore the changing dynamics of art materials sales, you’ll learn more about how this important facet of retailing can be managed in both brick-and-mortar and/or online environments.Target marketing, selecting vendors, shipping issues and costs, planograms, inventory control, managing your product mix, pricing strategies, working with sales reps and so much more are addressed in this manual.

Business Plan   
Volume 4 - This book has been created to be continually utilized. Your business plan is not a one-time exercise. 

While the first time that you create your Business Plan will likely be the most intense, re-reading and tweaking it annually is necessary to keep it relevant and useful. Each year there are likely to be changes to the retail landscape: new niches of retail open up; competition moves in and out of your trade area; art trends change.


The Namta Mentor Program is designed to assist Namta Members* who are in the planning stages of opening an art materials business, or have recently opened their new business and in need of some guidance. Once you have completed the request form, Namta will work to pair you with a member who is experienced in the industry and willing to share their knowledge with you. 

Interested in being a mentor?  Click here for more info and forms.

 Essential Reference Guide (ERG) Art Materials Training


The Essential Reference Guide (ERG) was written in 2004 and is still used for staff training by some Namta members. After studying the files, members are encouraged take the online test. 

Members who pass the test will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement from NAMTA.

The Palette

The Palette is a Namta enewsletter with Art and Industry news
from websites publications.  

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Exhibitor Product Presentations & Demos


NAMTA tested a new video training idea at its San Antonio conference.  When a supplier made their presentation in the show floor demonstration areas NAMTA recorded it to share with the many NAMTA members who were unable to attend.  Below you will find nine videos featuring a variety of products . . . each providing a great opportunity for you to better educate your staff, customers and associates.  After you’ve watched one or more of the videos, let NAMTA know what you think of this format emailing Karen Brown at [email protected] 


Gel Press Alcohol Ink & Oil Pigment Stick Monoprinting

Airbrushes - Easy as 1-2-3

Fine Art Papers from Clairefontaine 

Energize & Educate - Simple and Effective Ampersand Demos

Traditional Art Materials in a Digital World 

Pentel Arts Sign Pen Micro Brush

Clean up with Paint Puck 

Jacquard Primer on Dyes

Artzee + Bronzee Liquid Finish - The Creative Possibilities

♦ ART Matters Posters

Two colorful posters, three different sizes to download and print for your office, store, or to give to your local schools and art organizations.  Download for Free



Take a look at  MITRA, a website about Materials Information and Technical Resources for Artists - and all who are interested.


 Art Advocacy

Art Advocacy NEWS is emailed quarterly with stories and information about advocating for the arts. 

Art Advocacy Website
Along with, NAMTA also offers a site with facts, information and tools about and for Art Advocacy for everyone. 

 Art Materials Retailer Magazine

4th Quarter 2019

Published quarterly by Fahy-Williams Publishing since 1998, Art Materials Retailer Magazine addresses the issues facing the art supply industry and provides a forum for retailers and manufacturers to share information that can benefit everyone, along with interviews, retailing tips, NAMTA news, and loads of product information.