November 15, 2022

In less than five months, we will bring the industry together again. We can't wait! We hope you are making plans to come!



Thank You for Your Opinions and Suggestions!

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In August we sent you a survey asking for suggestions to rename Demo Alley. We received many clever suggestions for a new name, but most of you said to keep it Demo Alley. Demo Alley it is! We have made quite a few changes however based on feedback we received from the Show Surveys - SEE DETAILS.


We originally offered two Presidents Reception Tickets for 2023 Columbus, Ohio, if your name suggestion was used. But since we are keeping the original name, we put all who answered into the 'bowl' and picked a name.

Congratulations to the winner - Bill Worley of Worley Sales Associates!


Namta does not contract with, or authorize anyone to contact our members regarding hotels for the conference and trade show.


Should you be contacted by anyone offering incredible deals for hotels in Columbus, please remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

You should never give your credit card information to anyone who contacts you. If you do reserve through one of these companies you probably won't have a reservation when you arrive in Columbus!


These are the two Namta Host Hotels, and the links to make reservations within the Namta block.


PLEASE contact [email protected] before giving anyone your information or credit card to any hotel or travel ‘agent’ who has contacted you.


The same goes for ‘lists’ – Namta does not sell, or authorize anyone to sell, or share Member or Trade Show Attendee ‘lists’. 

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Meet Jeni Rust

Please welcome our newest Namta staff member, Jeni Rust!

Jeni joined Namta full-time in September as our Membership and Marketing Coordinator. She is from the Outer Banks, NC and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

While at UNC, Jeni spent her time focusing on art and graphic design and is putting her skills to use designing and creating logos for Namta.

Jeni now lives in Charlotte, NC and spends her free time immersing herself in anything arts related Charlotte has to offer. Jeni is so excited to be apart of Namta’s Arts and Crafts community and can’t wait to meet our members at Creativation by Namta 2023 in Columbus, OH! 

Soon it will be 2023!


Renewal invoices have been emailed and we will be sending out paper invoice soon.


Your Namta 2023 membership gives you and your company access to attend Creativation by Namta in Columbus Ohio with no badge or entry fees.


If you need help renewing, contact Sue Cohen or call 704+892-6244.


Left to Right: Mark Golden, Barbara Schindler, Brenda Ward, Ladd Forsline

Golden Artist Colors has acquired two revolutionary professional art materials brands - PanPastel® and Sofft® Tools. “This acquisition has been a partnership between the two companies, focused on one goal – watching the PanPastel and Sofft Tools brands flourish and grow” said GOLDEN President & COO, Barbara Schindler.



One of Boise’s oldest businesses, Idaho Blueprint & Supply, plans to shut its doors for good in December after 113 years of selling blueprints, maps, digital prints and art supplies. Owners Christian and Sheila Cummins sold their building, lodged between restaurants and bars on Main Street, to a local developer earlier this year who made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. “We are not closing this company with anger, sadness (okay, maybe a little sadness), impulse or because we must,”…… READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON  originally published October 20, 2022, article by Angela Palermo


M. Stephen Doherty


Steve Doherty passed away last week. During his many years in the art magazine industry, he was Editor-in-Chief for American Artist, Watercolor, Drawing, and Workshop magazines, and he was the Editor-in-Chief of PleinAir magazine.

Take a moment to watch this video honoring his career when he retired in 2018. 


We've created a new Supplier Information and Brands Guide (pdf file) for you as a convenience. The link can be found on the RESOURCE PAGE on

Have a look at the Guide, right now, right here.... (log in required)

We will update it on a monthy basis, as needed. The document is not meant to replace the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY where you will find the most up-to-date and complete member information, but we do hope it will assist you when looking for brands or products.



Arkon Mounts

2023 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor

Large assortment of professional-grade mounts, holders, tripods, and stands for tablets, phones, cameras, GPS, and live streaming.

Ningbo Vivi Stationery & Gift Corp.
2023 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor

Professional paper products company, with ten years history, located in Yinzhou, Zhejiang province. Ningbo Vivi  provides customers with fashionable and good quality products.

Dress My Craft

2023 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor

Papers and Cardstocks, Sequins and Glitters, Miniatures, Transfer Me Sheets and Fabric Transfers, Paper Craft Tools (Trimmers, Punches, Non-Stick Bone Folders), Stencils, Fashion Accessories, Flower Making Tools and Accessories.

Hori Metal Leaf and Powder Co.                  
2023 Creativation by NAMTA Exhibitor 
Established in 1711 in Kyoto, Japan, manufacturer of a variety of metallic leaves and powders for over 310 years.

(We have so many new members this month! We will be featuring them in future eNews, but in the meantime you can view the list!)

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Namta Members can watch the full recording of this trailer- PLUS more Namta Connect recordings of past sessions - and from Art Materials World 2022 seminars in THE STUDIO 

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Thursday, November 17
3 PM Eastern Time
My Biggest Success (and Most Notable Screw-up) with Bob Buchsbaum
Speakers: David Pyle with special guest Bob Buchsbaum, CEO, Blick Art Materials


Tuesday, November 29
3 PM Eastern Time
Gen Z or Retiree: 
Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Money?
Speakers: David Pyle and Edouard André-Hessig, CEO and founder of ArtVenture


Thursday - December 1
3 PM Eastern Time
Create An Epic 2023 with Marketing Strategies to Kick Off The New Year

Presented by Traci Reuter, Founder & CEO of Divine Social
Supplier Focused Session


Thursday - December 8
3 PM  Eastern  
How to Jump Start Success in 2023   
with Kizer & Bender 



Tuesday - December 13
3 PM Eastern  What’s in it For Me? The How’s and Why’s of Creativation!    
with David Pyle



Advocating for the arts enhances communities and makes good business. 

2022 Post Election Impact on the Arts
November 21 @ 3:00 PM ET

The 2022 U.S. elections could have a profound impact upon the creative economy at federal, state and local levels. In this webinar, speakers will overview changes that come with election results and, more importantly, their potential impact on the arts. Guest speakers will include a Member of Congress and several state and local arts advocates. We’ll also discuss actions advocates can take right away to welcome new legislators before they are sworn in. American Sign Language (ASL) will be available during this event.


Not a member? Want to learn more?

To participate in this webinar you must be a member of Americans for the Arts. In order to register you must create an account with Americans for the Arts. You can start the account creation process on the Americans for the Arts website.

Once your account has been created, use the same username and password to log into ArtsU. Then, you can take the following steps to register for the webinar:

  • Navigate to the post election webinar - Link
  • Click the red REGISTER button on the upper right side of the screen.

You’ll receive a confirmation email and reminder emails leading up to the activity with instructions for how to access the program on the day of. You can always access the activities you’ve registered for by visiting  your learning history  from the menu of options on the left.

If you need help, contact Susan at [email protected]

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