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Tuesday -
August 3
3 pm Eastern Daylight Time


Sales Skills
for the Creative Products Staff

Session 4 of 4

The Invisible Close

Presented by David Pyle



Thursday - August 5
3 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Karin DecoBrush

Pigment in a Pen!


Join Global Creative Inc and learn more about the *NEW* Karin DecoBrush Pigment Marker. Customers love this unique acrylic paint marker with a brush-like nib and rich, beautiful opaque ink that is lightfast and permanent on a variety of surfaces. Truly a unique tool! Learn why retailers love the vibrant compact display and thoughtful set collections.

Presented by

Lori Craig
Lori Craig is a long-time business development and sales manager for Global Creative Inc. with roles in education, product support, marketing, and sales. Lori is a creative who loves watercolor, papercraft and DIY.

John Darland

John Darland is the President and CEO of Global Creative Inc. Over his 20+ year career in the art materials world, John has lead distribution, manufacturing, marketing, and education teams to bring some of the most beloved art products to consumers across North America.


Thursday -
August 12
3 pm Eastern Daylight Time 

Not Everyone
Shops the Same Way

Presented by
Georganne Bender and Rick Kizer

"We’ve been business partners for over 30 years and we’ve noticed that we do quite a few things very, very differently."

Rich’s brain never turns off; Georganne flips hers off like a light switch the second she leaves the office.

Rich prefers to focus on one thing at a time; George is a multi-tasker.

This Zoominar will share what it takes to keep all types of people happily shopping your sales floor!