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An individual, partnership, firm or corporation dealing in the retail sale of art and creative materials in individual or small quantities directly to consumers operating under a specific brand name identification that is promoted and known to the public, regardless of its corporate structure and, where required by law, has secured an appropriate resale license or certificate. Said retailers may also conduct catalog and/or Internet sales in the normal course of conducting business. No one shall be considered a retailer who purchases art materials and products solely for his, or her, or its, own use. 

A supplier is one of the following:
DISTRIBUTOR: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that purchases from multiple suppliers and product categories; warehouses, promotes, and ships product to retailers for resale; and does not sell to the general public.
IMPORTER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that imports artists’ products and materials from foreign countries and maintains a substantial merchandise inventory for the purpose of resale to distributors, jobbers and retailers.
MANUFACTURER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that manufactures or creates the art materials and/or products it sells or distributes through established channels.
PUBLISHER: An individual, partnership, firm or corporation that prints or publishes magazines, books or trade papers whose subject matter deals with art materials.

Independent Representative
An individual or firm that sells art and creative materials and products for one or more manufacturers or distributors.

Individuals, partnerships, firms or corporations that provide products and services of a nature other than art or craft materials that are necessary and important to the business operations of the industry.

An annual membership is from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year for new and renewing members. NAMTA dues and other payments are not deductible as a charitable contribution for tax purposes, but may be tax deductible as an ordinary business expense. Always seek professional, legal, and/or accounting guidance on such issues.

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You can also join NAMTA online

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