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April 14, 2022

Dear Namta Members,
After two years of Zoom and cancellations and virtual shows and pivoting- Namta Creativation 2022 actually happened.
The whirlwind of a few days was a long time coming and as we returned home we wanted to make sure we immediately shared our gratitude with you, with the trade show still fresh in all of our minds. First, attending Namta Creativation (whether as an attendee or an exhibitor) was an investment and we appreciate each and every one of you for believing in the Namta staff and board and our ability to pull all of this together (with the help of our incredible sponsors). As Jim Scatena shared at the Welcome Reception, we were 130 days from the merger being official and every single one of those days was used to get this trade show worthy of our incredible, expanded and dynamic membership.
For five days, Namta got to learn together through our first ever expansive education program of business seminars and product workshops. We got to celebrate together through the Welcome Reception, President’s Reception and Next Generation Happy Hour. Lastly, we got to champion the creative industry together with an impressive showing of fine arts and craft exhibitors, 255 registered buying companies and 1500 attendees.
We said from the very beginning we would not get everything right and we already have so many ideas for improvement in Columbus 2023. That being said, we feel very proud of Namta Creativation 2022 and we are humbled by the overwhelming amount of ‘thanks’ and kind words shared with us both during the event and in follow up correspondence. Post show surveys will be distributed and we appreciate any and all honest feedback you are willing to share. We assure you that the Namta staff goes through all survey responses thoroughly and intently in order to make this membership and trade show the most incredible it can be and we thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it out.
Thank you, again, for embracing change and showing up big for Namta Creativation 2022. See you back on Zoom, shortly, and in person in Columbus, Ohio 2023.

- Your Namta Staff