Why They Come to Art Materials World


What they said about Art Materials World 2019 . . .

The trade show provides access to decision-makers who can take action and suggest novel improvement efforts. - Don Preston, Preston Arts Center

We have made as many NAMTA shows are we could in 40 years. I think we missed either 2 or 3, and went when we could not really afford it. Attending the show has always been valuable to our business and ourselves personally. - Kathy Brennan, Preston Art

I thought that I knew all about art materials. After all, that's my job. Right? Each time I attend Art Materials World, I see how much more there is to know and see. You just can't get this experience from photos, books, emails or videos. It's the REAL thing! It's the way you want your customers to experience it when they walk through your door. - Lessie Alva, AlvaGraphics

We have attended nine NAMTA shows in our thirty years in business, and have been enriched by each one. - Jill Moloy, THE STUDIO

It opened my mind to all the possibilities available to me as a retailer. - Reto Giovanoli, Bahamas Paint Depot

Its a great vehicle where Dealers and Manufacturers can sit down and discuss prior year success and failures. It also allows us to focus on new strategies for the coming year with new product releases. Having the show in the first quarter is a plus. - John Appezzato. Ram Sales

I always look forward to NAMTA because I know I'll leave that show knowing more than when I arrived. It has never disappointed me.- Rick Comerford Grimstad Comerford Group

In our industry Art Materials World (NAMTA) is a "MUST ATTEND EVENT". The personal face to face networking between everyone is vital in building lasting relationships, which will insure our industry stays strong. If you want to see growth in your business you really need to attend the event & support our industry. "THE" Supply Cowboy AKA: Andy C. Bird Co-Owner & President of Artist Corner Distribution - Orem Ut.

I was impressed by the number and quality of new products this year! - Scott Fares, Wet Paint

It’s great to attend a show with so many businesses relative to my business, instead of a show that limits and controls who you see and interact with. Mike Roche, Rileystreet Art Supplies

Namta is a great place for retailers to connect with existing suppliers and establish new ones. We can match faces to the voices of people we deal with on a regular basis over the telephone. A place to discover new products. Network with others, discuss problems with people in the industry. Every show is different and always fun! Suzanne Paintin, Artists Emporium

It was great seeing all the new products and meeting some new manufacturers. And always good to see old friends too. - Shirley Spencer, Akamai Art Supply in Hawaii

I go to NAMTA and benefit from being there mainly because of the people - interacting with fellow retailers and valued suppliers is rewarding. Craig Lemley, Dakota Art Stores

Never missed a NAMTA! We are always busy networking, and keeps our company up to date on all that’s new in the art world! - Brandy Hoerber, Athena Sales

I had many serendipitous moments making connections with people I didn't know were going to be at Namta. It really helps to be able to put a face to the products. - Willow Friday,  Iron Oxide Art Supplies in Canada

The NAMTA tradeshow was invaluable. I met with distributors from my region and talked with them about the brushes, paint, and canvas that would be the bread and butter of my business.
Cindy Hoeper
Lakeshore Art Supply

We really enjoyed the trade show in Dallas. Like always, top notch show and well organized. You'll have a wonderful time back in our neck of the woods next year in San Antonio. It is a great town with delicious Tex-Mexican food And BBQ like no other!  (2018)
Doyle Koenig
Windberg Art Center

Comments from 2017 Houston Attendees . . .

"Getting to network with our most important suppliers in one time and place" 
"So many suppliers under one roof"      "Seeing the new vendors"   "Finding new items"   
"Connecting in person with vendors"    "Talking to vendor upper management" 
"Bringing a different staff member every year to inspire them"   "Bringing new employees"
"People contact"   "Seeing old friends"   "The many friendly, and supportive people we met"
"Networking with fellow retailers"   "Valuable hands-on experience with new products/mediums" 
"Seeing the demonstrations by artists"  

"It was great seeing everyone in Salt Lake City. We had a good show and are excited for next year." (2017)
Kevin Mitchell
Specialty Matboard

“This show remains a great way to see what's new in the industry. We found several solid new products for our business.” (2017)
Jennifer Allen, Executive Director
Paper and Ink Arts


"It (2017 Salt Lake) was a great show! Can’t wait to see everyone again next year in Dallas in 2018!"
Alex Deedy, Media Relations Specialist


"We felt welcome. We found the show really interesting and have already started to think about the next show in Dallas."
Francesco Natalie, Sales Manager
1st-fime Exhibitor (2017)
Magnani 1404  Italy

"This show does a really good job representing what is going on in our industry." (2017)

"I go to Art Materials World because it’s the BIGGER picture. Like many other small independent retailers, we can get caught up in the everyday stuff really easy. Let’s face it, we wear a lot of hats. And this can sometimes lead to tunnel vision and complacency. Art Materials World is the one show that I look forward to every year that allows me to get outside my box and see the bigger picture. As an Art Material Retailer, Art Materials World is by far the most relevant show to my business. And while I visit several other shows a year, no show offers the same amount of related products, like-minded people and opportunities. Keyword – OPPORTUNITIES! For myself, missing Art Materials World would inhibit my business to move forward and grow. I’ve been in this business for 18 years and I haven’t missed a show. See you in Salt Lake City!" (2016)
Mike Roche
Rileystreet Art Supply


"My father was the first International NAMTA member in 1960 and I have kept the family-tradition going, not missing a NAMTA Tradeshow since 1987. I go because it keeps me connected with all the NAMTA family and friends,  and I also get the opportunity to see new exciting innovations and keep up to date in the world of art supplies."  (2016)
Pamela Fitz-Gibbon
National Art Materials - Australia


"I like NAMTA's Art Materials World because you have a chance to see products from the newest companies that are breaking into the art materials business. Our art customers depend on us to find the latest greatest for them." (2016)
Danny Ziegler
Ziegler Art & Frame

"I have been a member for over 28 years and truly enjoyed all the shows that I have attended. I am an Independent Rep in Canada and the show brings in many of my Canadian customers and I have great sales at every show. Plus it is always a good time to meet up with suppliers, and the friends from the USA or other parts of the world that I have made through my years of attending. NAMTA the only true Art Materials show in North America!" (2016)
Daniel Allen
BAJ Enterprises Canada - Canada

"We have been a member since NAMTA's inception. We were founded in 1881 and are still owned & managed by the Meininger Family. I have found NAMTA connections and attending conventions to be very beneficial in disseminating information and receiving information from vendors and retailers from around the world." (2016)
Thomas Sherry
H.R. Meininger Company

"My dealers matter, both as a business and the individuals that own and work there. As do my competitors. We are all friends and have a common interest in seeing each of us thrive. And NAMTA is the ONLY organization that networks us ALL together and builds those relationships. Without NAMTA, how else would this happen? I come to Art Materials World for networking and building. Both outward and inward. NAMTA is the fabric that holds us together, like the thread that holds the NAMTA vest together." (2016)
Steven Gallisdorfer, Territory Manager
ColArt Americas

"My favorite part of membership is attending the trade show.  I enjoy looking for new products and seeing old friends. I have been going for 33 years." (2016)
David Pinkerton, President
The Art Store

"I've come to NAMTA for many years because I can connect with my customers and also with other vendors. I can touch and feel the new items. I find the show to be very informative." (2016)
Jim Cote


"I enjoy the cool vibes around the show, and the positive energy, enthusiasm and fraternity.  A pleasure to attend." (2016)
Paul Solis Cohen, President
Catskill Art & Office Supply


"I love that my customers (dealers) can see all of the products in person, in one place. It makes it so much easier for them to see the quality of the products I see, especially large items like easels. I also love seeing all the different products that are demonstrated." (2016)
Pat Reteguiz, Independent Rep
PR Sales


"There is no substitute for personal connections.” (2016)
Craig Lemley, Owner
Dakota Art Stores


“I loved being able to interact with the inventors and creators.” (2016)
Kris Autobee, Co-Owner
Red Herring Art Supply



"The exhibitors do an excellent job,  bring great products to showcase, are engaging and interested in us." (2017)

“It is great to have so many manufacturers, distributors and retailers under one roof with one purpose - to sell art materials and to educate and support the arts in our communities.” (2016)
Ann Ebert, Owner
Central Art Supply

“This is our third year attending. It’s a great place to connect with all our product partners that we work with throughout the year!” (2016)
Lee Rubenstein & Sarah Rubenstein, Cofounders


"I have been attending the NAMTA show as both a retailer and a manufacturer since 1974 and there is no better place to meet your fellow colleagues to exchange ideas, get advice, see new products and get great deals. However, the most important take-away from the attending the show is that you more clearly understand our purpose and value as retailers and suppliers to this unique art material industry. The creation of art in whatever form or at any level of accomplishment is a healthy and critical diversion from this crazy world." (2016)
Don Dow, President

"It is the only comprehensive art materials market in the US. Good place to gain knowledge, see new stuff and network." (2015)
Kathy Brennan, Owner
Preston Arts Center



"A chance to talk to others in the industry, see the packaging and be reminded of items you might otherwise gloss over in the catalog, hang out with other retailers and learn how they do things, see some new products and advertising ideas." (2015)
Liz Walsh, Artists' Materials Buyer/ Co-Owner
The Drawing Board


"An annual working holiday to go and meet suppliers and distributors." (2015)
Jill Moloy

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