Articles for Retailers - by Tom Shay

Attitude Will Determine Business Success

We all know retailers who seem to ooze success. We also know their counterparts who seem to always struggle with their business.

What’s the difference?

A lot of it comes down to attitude.

And don’t think your attitude is a secret. Customers see and appreciate the happy, confident store owner and enjoy shopping at his store.

Victoria Neal, in Entrepreneur magazine, offers several ways to help make you one of those optimistic entrepreneurs.

First, have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. A happy, optimistic retailer will probably have a written list of items they’d like to achieve. And helping to keep them happy is being able to check things off that list.

And their dreams are not just on paper. An optimistic entrepreneur can — and often will gladly — enumerate what they want to achieve. They brag about their store’s success, their employees, or a new product or service they now offer. If we were to watch this person work, we’d probably find that they spend more than 50 percent of his time working toward achieving their vision. In other words, they are proactive, rather than reactive.

With happiness comes confidence. Optimists happily take 100 percent of the credit for their successes. This is not arrogance, but shows clearly that their success is not due to luck but attributable to working hard and working smart.

Similarly, our optimists also take full responsibility for any and all failures their business experiences. You can also tell that these people have learned from their mistakes and are now positioned to use that knowledge for the growth of their business.

Happy business owners avoid naysayers — those individuals, employees or even customers, who try to take away others’ good feelings. They surround themselves with other business owners and managers who are also striving to be optimistic entrepreneurs.

Attitude counts. Your confident, optimistic entrepreneur is more than a smile. They expect a lot and work to make turn their expectations into realities.

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