Presentation Videos
from Art Materials World 2019 Exhibitors

NAMTA tested a new video training idea at its San Antonio conference.  When a supplier made their presentation in the show floor demonstration areas NAMTA recorded it to share with the many NAMTA members who were unable to attend.  Below you will find nine videos featuring a variety of products . . . each providing a great opportunity for you to better educate your staff, customers and associates.  After you’ve watched one or more of the videos, let NAMTA know what you think of this format emailing Karen Brown at [email protected]

The videos:
Gel Press Alcohol Ink & Oil Pigment Stick Monoprinting

Gel Press Alcohol Ink & Oil Pigment Stick Monoprinting

Presented by Sally Lynn MacDonald,  Gel Press

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Using the unique properties of Gel Press, Sally Lynn MacDonald demonstrates the ability to use alcohol inks in an entirely new and interesting way for mixed media applications as well as for creating visually stunning mono prints and instant image transfers.

Watch as she goes way beyond acrylic paint with this versatile application tool for your art.

Sally Lynn MacDonald often mixes her love of creating and teaching art with her high-tech side – blending a love of handmade art with hybrid-digital media in what she playfully calls her ‘studio lab’. Every now and then her large-format printer is subjected to printing on a surface that definitely is not listed in the owners’ manual. She is a maven for studio organization, using her abilities to use spreadsheets and databases to bring order from chaos. “It’s marvelous when the right and left brain actually work together in the studio.” Sally Lynn is the Brand Manager for Gel Press Monoprinting Art Products. In addition to being a complete Gel Press Junkie, she is involved in all things social media for Gel Press. This also includes development of the website, online workshops and she is constantly testing new companion products. Her fearless exploration of new media has not resulted in any damage, thus far, but it has yielded some pretty cool techniques which she will be sharing with you in this workshop.

Airbrushes - Easy as 1-2-3

Presented by Danny Ink, Grex Airbrush

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When selling airbrushes, it’s important to understand how to use an airbrush and how to differentiate the various types and styles. It can get confusing with all the products available. But with the Grex Airbrush System, choosing an airbrush is as simple as 1-2-3. The systems approach to our design results in only 4 core airbrushes. And in combination with our comprehensive line of accessories, these 4 airbrushes can accommodate any artists applications and preferences.

Each Grex airbrush can grown and transform with the artists needs. The simplicity of the system also means less skus for you to carry. Watch this video demonstration to learn how Grex Airbrush can allow you to offer airbrushes with a minimal investment.

Danny Ink has been with Grex Airbrush for over 6 years and has been working with airbrushes for many more.  He is very familiar with the Grex Airbrush design philosophy and its influence into their sales and marketing. This has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of how airbrushes can be leveraged in many different industries and markets.

Fine Art Papers from Clairefontaine

Presented by Barbara Briskin, Exaclair

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Exaclair, Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributors of fine art papers made by Clairefontaine in France and the Netherlands. Paper makers for centuries, come see our wide range of watercolor, sketching, drawing, and mixed-media papers that are exceptional for wet and dry techniques.

Barbara Briskin has worked in a variety positions within the creative industries throughout her career. A former art store owner, she has taught paper craft and mixed media classes for over 15 years. Currently a member of the sales team at Exaclair USA, she loves experimenting with their exceptional, European-milled fine art papers; among the finest in the world.

Energize and Educate!

Simple and Effective Ampersand Demos

Presented by Dana Brown, Ampersand

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Any time a customer can try a product in-store, their confidence and understanding about that product grows, and a sale is more likely. Not every demo needs a lot of space and a complex set-up. Sometimes, simply showing an artist how a product works or how easy it is, is enough to spark new creative ideas!

In this video, Ampersand artist Dana Brown will guide you through three simple and fun Ampersand demos that you can set up with minimal space and effort. You will learn about the steps and materials needed to conduct these simple demos in your store!



 Traditional Art Materials in a Digital World
Screen, Keyboard and Mouse vs. Sketchbook, Pencil and Brush

Presented by John Rise, American Design EaselWorks

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Technology is redefining art. What does the future hold for traditional art materials? How can the art materials industry reinforce the value and usage of traditional materials and methodologies to integrate and better inform technology based art.?

Traditional materials, methods and disciplines are often overlooked or dismissed as technology advances and infiltrates into academia and studios, thus increasing computer generated or manipulated visual arts.

John Rise examines the phenomena of traditional art materials from the viewpoint of a manufacturer, studio painter and a professor in an art and design college that is increasingly dependent upon the screen, keyboard and mouse rather than the sketchbook, pencil and brush. 

In 1979 John Rise founded Best Artist Products (manufacturer of canvas stretcher bars and hard wood easels) which he sold to The Jack Richeson & Company in 1995.  He is a professor in the School of Foundation Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.  In 2014 John founded American Design EaselWorks.

Pentel Arts Sign Pen Micro Brush

Presented by Chris Koehler, Pentel Arts

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Pentel Arts award winning illustrator Chris Koehler will demonstrate of one of the most exciting and revolutionary products Pentel has ever released: the Sign Pen Micro Brush. See an illustration come to life from start to finish with this in depth tutorial video.

The Sign Pen Micro Brush is the most precise and versatile brush pen ever made, available in a full range of colors. Chris demonstrates line work, watercolor washes, color mixing, and special techniques. Learn the secrets of a pro and just some of the many ways to make art with this essential new tool.

Chris Koehler is an award-winning artist and illustrator working out of San Francisco. His work has been featured in Penguin Random House and Tor Books, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Popular Science as well as international ad campaigns, packaging, and products. His illustrations have been recognized by Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Spectrum, and 3x3. In addition to being a freelance brush for hire, Chris is the artist behind the Z2 published comic "Legend" and teaches in the Illustration and MFA in Comics Programs at California College of the Arts. He can often be found hunched over a sketchbook in a coffee shop.

Clean up with Paint Puck

Presented by Dawson Cannon, Paint Puck

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The long awaited Paint Puck tutorial session! Watch a delightfully simple product demonstration while learning product history. Paint Puck was a company founded around taking the simplest solutions for artists and implementing them in digitally sculpted product forms. 

Dawson Cannon is an aerospace engineer turned product designer.  Once casually painting for a commission check, he thought of a device that would make his artistic process more efficient and hassle-free. At a visit to a past Namta show, Dawson brought in prototypes and ever since the Paint Puck brand has since popularized within the artist community, with its specialty supplies a growing favorite of painters everywhere.

Jacquard Primer on Dyes

Presented by Alexender Preston, Jacquard

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What are dyes? How do they work? Which is the best dye for my project?

Our experience at Jacquard tells us that this is one of the least understood areas of the art store. It can be difficult to navigate, and worse difficult to help your customer. We recently introduced our Basic dyes, which are beautiful and exciting, but only add to the confusion about which dye to choose for which project. We have developed a simple chart that explains the correct fibers for each of our dyes, under what conditions they should be used, and what products are compatible with each dye class. This will greatly aid you in helping dye customers and could help you find new dye customers.

Alex has been making t-shirts for over a decade. He has always been an artist and in his youth was often seen running wild in his parents' art store, Preston Arts Center in Louisville. He studied chemistry in college and now develops paints and dyes for Jacquard Products.


Artzee + Bronzee Liquid Finish - The Creative Possibilities

Presented by Diann Kincaid, Artzee

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After viewing the Bronzee Liquid Finish Demonstration you will learn how easy it is to use Artzee and Bronzee. The unique art mediums dry rock hard into an enamel finish sealing and protecting a variety of permeable objects: various clays, canvas, cement, fabric, leather, metal, paper mache, wood, and stone.

Diann uses a variety of porous materials to showcase how to produce an end result into a Bronze or Patina Bronze finish and  Diann will be demonstrating a variety of fine art and crafts projects

Diann Kincaid is the founder and manufacturer of Artzee Liquid Sealer, Bronzee Liquid Finish, and Glazee Waterproof Sealant.