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December 16, 2020


A Millennial's View

by Savannah Davis

. . . There really is no sinking feeling as comparable to staring out the window on an anticipated snow day, to find your green grass in clear view. Originally from Illinois, but growing up in North Carolina, I knew only a comical amount of snow was required to shut down the schools, but if I could see my wasn’t enough. Do any of you remember that feeling? Or better, do you remember the lottery-winning emotions, when your wish for a snow day really came true? I remember waking up to a dark sky but seeing snowflakes being illuminated by the street lights and my older sister and I rushing into my parents’ room to see if our school’s name was scrolling on the bottom of the television . . .  Read Savannah's Article

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Namta Connect Recordings

Members Helping in 2020
What Did They Do?

Bonnie Shefts
Jerry's Artist Outlet NJ

 Ioan Florea, CAS Paints

Paul Petrino, SLS Arts

Read what they did.....

SO FABULOUS! We implemented some of their techniques immediately, and we are rolling a few others out step-by-step - but what a fabulous resource this was, and such a treat.
Thank you so much for this!!!!!
- comment from a Namta Member on recent Namta Connect Kizer & Bender Holiday Zoom

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What These Members Did in 2020


We love these three stories of our Namta members reacting to the pandemic!  Namta members are THE BEST!

In April 2020 we found this on Instagram. Not everyone was able to do this, but we thought this was a great gesture from Retail member Bonnie Shefts from Jerry's Artist Outlet in New Jersey. Bonnie put together some FREE LOOT - art supplies from her store -  for kids in her neighborhood who were on shut-down. Then she went out and delivered the goodies, door to door.

Namta member Paul Petrino is a sales representative from SLS Arts, and also a volunteer EMS worker in upstate New York.

In April 2020, Paul committed to the Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance to work not only his regular shifts, but also as an emergency fill-in, in a moment's notice, when other EMTs can't make a shift, or when a particularly heavy case load on a given day requires putting a third truck in service due to the COVID situation.

In April 2020, Namta member Ioan Florea, CAS Paints, put his skills to use and jumped into action to help with the pandemic - "I am involved with helping hospitals in Chicago by donating 3D printed Face Shields PPE, and we've already donated hundreds. Who would have known that instead of preparing for Art Materials World Chicago 2020 in April, we are fighting the pandemic."

By May 2020, Ioan had made about 1,400 shields since April, and donated all to Illinois hospitals, including Northwestern Memorial and Mount Sinai-Chicago, HSHS St. John’s-Springfield, HSHS Good Shepherd-Shelbyville and Sarah Bush Lincoln-Mattoon.

Take a look at this video to see Ioan's process.

A Millennial's View - by Savannah Davis


Hi Namta Members,

Despite the fact that it's currently 46 degrees and not even the faintest prediction of snow in the forecast, I cannot stop wishing for real winter weather. As a child, I don’t think anything is more magical than the anticipation of a snow day. I would do all of the rumored tricks to help encourage just a few inches of snow. I would call my best friend’s house phone and we would confirm that our pajamas were on backwards and we had a spoon under our pillow and whatever other rituals were chattered about in the school hallway. Then, I would badger my parents to tell me if it was going to snow or not like everyone at school was talking about. If they said yes, it was as good as official in my mind. I would wake up several times throughout the night and scurry across my dark bedroom to peak out my window, had the magic started yet? There really is no sinking feeling as comparable to staring out the window on an anticipated snow day, to find your green grass in clear view. Originally from Illinois, but growing up in North Carolina, I knew only a comical amount of snow was required to shut down the schools, but if I could see my wasn’t enough. Do any of you remember that feeling? Or better, do you remember the lottery-winning emotions, when your wish for a snow day really came true? I remember waking up to a dark sky but seeing snowflakes being illuminated by the street lights and my older sister and I rushing into my parents’ room to see if our school’s name was scrolling on the bottom of the television, where closures were being announced.

I loved school, so it wasn’t missing school that created such joy. It was the magic of an unordinary, unexpected and wonderful day. My old house was on a hill so all of the neighborhood kids would congregate in my yard and form a line of sleds and pool tubes to fly down the backyard. We would build snow men and have snowball fights and erupt with giggles as our basset hound galloped around the yard. We would play until the snow had soaked through all of our socks and our feet were numb. Eventually my mom would have us strip off our layers in the freezing garage and change into cozy pajamas. She would always have hot chocolate or cookies or some special treat to commemorate the day, and we would spend the evening watching a movie, all bundled up, while the fireplace ran. Then we would go to bed, pleading with higher powers…promising to be the best- behaved kids, if it could just snow for one more night.

Do kids get snow days now? Or do they have to log on to virtual school and finish assignments, first? I don’t know how that works anymore but I think all children deserve snow days, and parents who help make them magical. The memories feed your soul so much beyond your childhood. Reminiscing on snow days, I sent a quick message to my co-workers, asking for them to share a favorite holiday memory or tradition. I am going to post them below and I hope reading them is a welcomed short pause in your normal day of business. I will not attempt to tie them into Instagram or marketing ideas or anything else-I just hope they remind you of your favorite memories and encourage you to reach out to an old friend or loved one and reminisce.

Have a favorite memory you want to share with us? Join us for our final Happy Hour of the year on Thursday at 5 pm EST - SIGN UP - or as always, my inbox is open - [email protected]


P.S. I just so happened to stumble upon this letter this morning- and think it's the best. 

Namta Staff's Memories/ Traditions

Rick Munisteri, Director of Meetings - "On Christmas morning, my brother would come into my room before the crack of dawn to wake me and ask if I knew if Santa Claus had come. It was usually 5 AM according to the alarm clock on my night stand and being the big brother, I was supposed to have the answer to the question. I knew that the next question would be was it time to wake Mom and Dad and I would have to tell John that we had to wait an hour because they had told us that we could wake them up no earlier than 6 AM.

That next hour would be spent sitting at the top of the stairs filled with anticipation and excitement and talking nonstop wondering what Santa Claus had brought and trying not to wake Mom and Dad. My parents usually gave in after listening to us for forty-five minutes but our wait was not quite over. Mom and Dad would have to go downstairs and make sure that Santa had indeed come. This involved turning on the lights on the Christmas Tree, putting the coffee on, and lighting a fire in the living room fireplace. After, what seemed like an eternity dad would yell upstairs telling us it was okay to come down. I think it took less than a second for us to descend the stairs to the living room and stare in wide eyed amazement at the wonder of Christmas morning. Dad’s smile grew wider as the Grandfather Clock gonged seven times and knowing that resetting our clocks had worked yet another year."

Susan Cohen, Financial Administrator - When thinking about a favorite tradition to share, she asked her daughter, to which she responded, "which one?" So here are a few of the Cohen family traditions: "Each year since our kids were born we have bought an ornament that was something about their year that they did - and we still do that. 

Also, Christmas Eve we use our Christmas China and yes, we have a fish dinner- not quite the traditional. On Christmas Eve, Italians observe la vigilia with a meal of seven different fish and seafood dishes. Put out the cookies, milk and carrots with a letter to Santa. In the morning the kids had to wake us up first - believe me, there were 4 o'clock mornings after going to sleep at 3 because they were not allowed downstairs until we were all together.  We would put the lights on and watch their faces as they saw Santa came. Stockings first then gifts.  Wow, I am getting teary eyed thinking of the past."

Karen Brown, Administrative Assistant - "As a kid, holidays were about giving and getting presents. As an adult, they became about eating, drinking and spending to excess. So about 10 years ago, shortly after I had gone out on my own after many years of being married, I found I had spent myself into a hole, maxed out all my credit cards, and could not buy all the presents for everyone, especially for my little grandkids, like I had always been able to do. I was really upset about it. How could you have the holidays without presents? But that was the year I realized that my daughters and grandkids still liked me even if I didn’t have a bunch of money to spend on them. So that would be my best Christmas memory. I’ve since returned to the tradition of excessive spending!"

Leah Siffringer, Executive Director - "We have a family Santa suit that we use every year on Christmas Eve. Someone, who is too old to believe, is nominated at dinner that night to be Santa. It’s sort of a rite of passage when you get nominated the first time. We have ALL put the costume on at some point - myself included! If you are new to the family - a boyfriend, girlfriend etc... than you are almost sure to be chosen. Right after dinner, this chosen adult "disappears"...then magically appears at the front door with a bag full of gifts.

The gifts are always Christmas pajamas for every single person in the family, from the little ones to the grandparents...and as you know I have a pretty big family! (Leah is 1 of 4 sisters, all married with multiple children, who spend the holidays all together- a very full and magical house). The nominated Santa then proceeds to hand out the gifts one by one, and everyone gets a picture with him (or her)."

Pictured evidence, graciously sent by Leah's daughter, of our own Executive Director as Santa Clause.

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