Exhibitor Demonstrations & Educational Presentations
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  • Exhibitor Demonstrations anEducational Presentations will take place on the Art Materials World show floor.
  • They are FREE for all NAMTA and CAMEX attendees
  • No pre-registration is required.

Exhibitor Demonstrations

The 3-Week Tattoo by Jacquard
Sunday, March 5th - 1 to 2 pm
Jacquard Products/ Rupert, Gibbon & Spider 
Jagua is a South American fruit that can be made into a very wash resistant temporary tattoo. Jacquard's new Jagua kit is super easy to use. Add water, add oil, stir and draw! After the Jagua gel is applied to the skin, you let it dry and then rub it off. It looks pale initially, but darkens to a deep blue black over time that looks like a for real tattoo. Fool your friends or test-drive a new tattoo idea. Participants will be allowed and encouraged to make their own tattoo designs that will last up to 3 weeks.

A View into the Airbrush World by Iwata-Medea
Sunday, March 5th - 3 to 4 pm
Learn what people are doing with airbrush, why they choose Iwata & how to guide your customers to the best choice.

New Products and Trends in Oil Painting and Marketing to Painters
Sunday, March 5th - 4 to 5 pm
Gamblin Artist Colors 
Join Gamblin for a fun and interactive discussion around New Products and Trends in Oil Painting. We’ll discuss why, when and how to varnish and learn about Gamblin’s expanded offering of Gamvar Picture Varnish. We’ll cover Solvent-Free Oil painting and connect this to broader trends in oil painting your customers care about, and the products you can connect them with to get them where they want to go. We’ll also discuss new resources and tools available from Gamblin to help your staffs to present new possibilities to customers and to sell with confidence. We’ll also spend some time on an open discussion of industry trends, where we stand and how we can work together to support you locally.


Painting Small for Big Results
Monday, March 6th - 10 to 11 am
Guerilla Painter 
Learn about the benefits of adding small paintings to the plein air painter's repertoire, not only to expand their opportunities to paint but to make big strides in their development as painters. This is a nuts and bolts session with lots of opportunities for questions about helping your customers make appropriate plein air equipment choices.


Learning to Sell Airbrushes
Monday, March 6th - 1 to 2 pm
Grex Airbrush
When selling airbrushes, it’s important to understand how to use an airbrush and how to differentiate the various types and styles. But before you even get the chance to compare different airbrushes with your customer, you need to first convince them that they need one. In our presentation, we will demonstrate the versatility of an airbrush and how it can enhance the artists' work across a wide range of media, techniques and applications. Learn how an airbrush can become one of the many important tools that any artist keeps with them. This is a comprehensive hands-on training session where you will be painting with several different airbrushes. We will cover airbrush applications, operation, fundamental techniques, maintenance and cleaning.


Art Graf Products for Artists by Viarco - Discussion, Demonstration, History, Creative Process and Application
Monday, March 6th - 3 to 4 pm
Global Art Materials
This presentation is about the impact that art and artists had on our small industry. The history Viarco and each Artgraf product. The value of labour, craftsmanship , how the handmade can be highly innovative when you mix knowledge and creativity, the importance of keep it alive to able to transform it in something new, the respect for the past as a bridge for the future.



How to Earn Publicity and Press Coverage for Your Business
Sunday, March 5th - 2 to 3 pm
Presented by Kim Fjordbotten, The Paint Spot
Can a small business compete against large businesses and national advertising campaigns?
Yes! In this session learn how to position yourself to become the local expert in your industry. 
Get media coverage for your business in TV, radio and print. It is time to go beyond a basic press release and get ahead of trends. Learn the steps to brand yourself as a community resource for all things about art materials, your community and being creative. Learn how to create your own timely topics and build a resource of contacts you can rely upon. This fast-paced presentation will provide important tips for managing the good, the bad and the difficult public relationship with the reports and their editors. 

How to Get a Better Deal from Your Landlord
Monday, March 6th, 9 to 10 am
Presented by Rich Aries, President of ESR Commercial
How to Get a Better Deal from Your Landlord will take you through the ins and outs of every commercial real estate lease. As leading experts in the real estate field, we will guide you through the negotiation process by reviewing the details of sample letters of intent and leases, both of which are vital components of every commercial deal. We will immerse you into the finer details of commercial lease negotiation, so that you know how to get the best deal possible from any landlord.

Business Succession Planning
Monday, March 6th - 11 am to 12 noon
Presented by Rob Hilton, Katz, Sapper & Miller
Learn more about potential succession planning and exit strategies for your business. The following topics will be covered:

  • Do you want your company and employees to stay in business after you exit?
  • What is your timeline for potentially stepping back from running your business?
  • When you do decide to step back, do you want to do it gradually or all at once? 

The Powerful New Frontier of Social Media:
How to Unlock the Potential of Influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter 

Monday, March 6th - 2 to 3 pm
Presented by Cinnamon Cooney - The Art Sherpa
Will cover topics that explain in simple clear terms what amazing potential digital media has for Creative Influencers and the companies that create collaborative partnerships with them. Topics Explained will be:

  • Help build an action plan to start finding new relationships and collaborations. 
  • What to do and not to do to make the most of your budget and time.
  • Learn how to get the most out of and see the results of your new relationship.