December 2015   

NAMTA Launches NEW Art Advocacy Newsletter                 

Advocating for the Arts, in all form and fashion, is among the highest priority of NAMTA and its members.Time and again studies have shown that young people who are exposed to the arts result in better educated and productive students who, quite often, continue their creative enjoyment throughout their lives. Unfortunately, federal, state and local funding for The Arts, has increasingly diminished in many communities over the past several years.  

NAMTA’s Art Advocacy efforts are strategically focused to provide its members with the tools, information and resources needed to help them make a positive impact in their communities. NAMTA is introducing this new quarterly newsletter to assist this effort and it is free to both members and non-members.

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A key element of supporting Art Advocacy is sharing information and ideas among NAMTA members so let NAMTA know what you're doing in your community by contacting Leah Siffringer at

Help Advance the Roles of The Arts and Art Education 
in the 2016 Presidential Election

As part of the ongoing partnership between NAMTA and the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, you may have received some emails about the exciting work that the Arts Action Fund is doing for #ArtsVote2016, a national campaign to elevate arts policy positions among Presidential and Congressional candidates as we lead up to the 2016 elections. 

As a direct benefit of this partnership, NAMTA members receive a Free Advocate Membership to the Arts Action Fund at no cost whatsoever. The Arts Action Fund is the only national arts service organization in the country that is able to conduct extensive lobbying and electoral activity on behalf of the arts and arts education.

Check out the extensive resources available to you on their website:

      •    Presidential candidate art profiles
      •    Latest research on the impact of arts and arts education
      •    Up-to-date news from the campaign trails
      •    Information on upcoming ArtsVote events
      •    ArtsVote recommended policy platforms

Please look out for emails coming directly from the Arts Action Fund with updates of #ArtsVote2016, and share them with your family, friends and colleagues so that we can elevate the level of public support for the arts in America.

Breaking News!
President Signs the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

On December 10th at the White House, the Every Student Succeeds Act was signed by President Obama. Education leaders applauded the end of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) era and welcomed a new path for the American educational policy landscape. This is a result of countless advocacy efforts, including Americans for the Arts and more than 100 arts and arts education organizations that have spent a decade prioritizing arts education legislative objectives.
This new law holds great promise for restoring arts education as central to the school day and in the lives of students and our nation’s future workforce. For the arts, this law means that states must invest in new arts education learning standards and resourcing of arts education to encourage creativity in our nation’s classrooms.

In recognition of the leadership shift from the federal level to the states, in 2014 Americans for the Arts launched their State Policy Pilot Program to advance state level arts education policy and ensure equitable access to arts education for all students across a state, and are working nationally to increase the number of states that are using the arts as a tool to achieve various goals of education reform, such as increasing student performance, improving school climate, along with supporting teams of education leaders from 10 states who are working in a collective impact model to address policy issues like high school graduation requirements and teacher evaluation.

Americans for the Arts acknowledges that much work lies ahead in implementing the new federal education policy, and that the arts can be a critical component in ensuring that every student will succeed in school, work, and life, and they call on all of the artists, educators, philanthropy partners, state and local arts agencies and arts advocates involved with Americans for the Arts to stand ready to move education forward together.

Read more from Americans for the Arts staff detailing the arts education provisions in the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Advocating for the Arts in Canada

NAMTA's Art Advocacy Website has added a new page dedicated to
Canadian News
as well as a list of Canadian Resources to provide NAMTA's Canadian members with the tools and knowledge to help you to get involved in advocating for the arts in Canada and its communities.


“Create More, Share More, Strathmore”

Throughout this past summer, Strathmore Artist Papers ventured into their local Wisconsin streets with their project, “Create More, Share More, Strathmore”, to give away bags of free art materials at various events. Each person that stopped by got one bag that included a Strathmore pad and a couple of complementary art supplies. 
General Pencil Company also helped make the events successful by generously donating products for the bags.
The goal was to support NAMTA’s Art Advocacy Initiative and bring more art to the local community. The project was also created to inspire more people to get their creative and artistic juices flowing and do a random act of kindness.We hope you’ll be inspired to do your own random act of artistic kindness in your community by giving the gift of art or art materials to someone who would appreciate it.  See More

Why Art Matters - The FACTs 

"When reshaping the education system to support deeper learning, research suggest that policymakers can benefit from engaging discrete and integrated arts education as vehicles for deeper learning, and from building on the possibilities presented by arts integrated instruction for making the deep learning environment opened in the arts available to the other disciplines." 

Every week a new FACT is posted on NAMTA's Art Advocacy website - read all the FACTs.


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