April 2016                

NAMTA Members Provide Excitement
For Houston Students at Art Materials World


Remember your grade school days and how nothing could beat a field trip!

For a group of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade future artists from Houston’s Crockett Elementary School, NAMTA’s Art Materials World show provided that field trip euphoria.

The fine arts magnet school convened in the NAMTA Education Booth with their teacher, Claudia Elizondo. The children spent two weeks preparing for their visit, so each child would be ready to design their own Super Hero Masks.

NAMTA member, David Cruickshank (pictured top left), owner of TWISTED BOARDS, organized the event. STAEDTLER supplied dry erase markers, paint, and brushes, while MARVY UCHIDA donated chalk markers for the children. Twisted Boards, Staedtler and Marvy Uchida also made generous donations of art supplies for the Houston school to use for years to come.

The excited and energetic youngsters spent one hour designing their super hero masks while many NAMTA members took a quick break from the show floor to watch their future customers in action. At the conclusion of the event the children were each given an Art Matters T-shirt and were able to take their super hero masks to school.

Advancing the Role of The Arts 
in the 2016 Presidential Election

Amalia Kruszel, Arts Action Fund Program Manager, hosted an informational session at Art Materials World 2016 in Houston as part of the ArtsVote2016 campaign. 

Amalia spoke about the 2016 elections being right around the corner and asked if 'you' are asking the candidates the right questions. The mission of ArtsVote2016 is to educate candidates and mobilize creative advocates to secure the best arts and arts-education policies for the nation. Click here to download the full presentation.

Click here to see full Memos on each candidate's history and known positions on the Arts and Arts Education.

Join the conversation on Twitter at #ArtsVote2016.
Learn more at www.ArtsActionFund.org.

Donald Trump Responds to Arts Policy Questions

The Arts Action Fund, together with Washington Post reporter Alyssa Rosenberg, drafted questions for Presidential candidates to hone in on their arts policy positions. 

The Arts Policy questions are designed to elicit specific policy statements with respect to issues like promoting economic growth in the arts and culture sector and how states should allocate funding for arts education programs under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The questions written by the Arts Action Fund were combined with questions by Rosenberg and submitted to candidates.

Donald Trump deferred to Congress on some issues such as funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, and stated that decisions about arts education should be left up to individual states.

Mr. Trump also made an important statement on the arts:

“I had the great fortune to receive a comprehensive liberal arts education from an Ivy League institution.  What is most important is that we examine how one-size-fits-all approaches imposed by the federal government have corrupted the availability and efficacy of liberal arts education.  Critical thinking skills, the ability to read, write and do basic math are still the keys to economic success. A holistic education that includes literature and the arts is just as critical to creating good citizens.”

Click here for the full text of Mr. Trump's answers.
Click here to see full Memos on each candidate's history and known positions on the Arts and Arts Education.

Story from http://artsactionfund.org/news/entry/trump-arts-policy.

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“Waiving” Goodbye to No Child Left Behind

Over the last few years, Americans for the Arts has been covering each attempt by Congress to reauthorize the Elementary & Secondary Education Act, most recently recognized as No Child Left Behind.

Narric Rome, Vice President of Government Affairs & Arts Educationand Kate O. McClanahan, Director of Federal Affairshave been posting a blog series covering legislative developments in 2011, 2013, and then the 2015 actions that led to the final bill and are pleased to say that they may have posted the final in a series of blog posts capturing the legislative efforts over the past few years. Read More

Support for Arts & Culture in the 2016 Canadian Budget

The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is extremely satisfied to see the government commit in the 2016 Federal Budget to the doubling of the Canada Council for the Arts operating budget by 2020. This represents $550 million in an overall $1.87 billion commitment to arts and culture over five years. For the last decade, the CAC has advocated for the doubling of the Canada Council’s operating budget. Budget 2016 achieves this goal and represents an important milestone for the arts sector and for Canadians. Read More

NAMTA Members Support Young Artists
at MLK Art & Writing Awards 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. this past January by recognizing a number of young artists in their school system by presenting them with Martin Luther King Art & Writing Awards.

Through NAMTA’s relationship with Cheryl Maney, Pre K-12 Visual Arts and Dance Curriculum Specialist from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, BINDERS ART & FRAME had the opportunity to help make this event even more special.

Chad Cartwright (pictured), from Binders' Charlotte location, coordinated twelve awards for the recipients that included gift cards and art supplies, and was there to help present the students with the gift bags. NAMTA members STRATHMORE and SLS ARTS donated supplies for the gift bags, and NAMTA added an “Art Matters” T-shirt with a congratulatory note for each student. See more pictures

Why Art Matters - The FACTS 

Fact of the Week #79: Researchers are finding evidence that early arts education is a building block of developing brain functions. Children who were motivated to practice a specific art form developed improved attention and also improved general intelligence. Training of attention and focus leads to improvement in other cognitive domains. www.pcah.gov

Every week a new FACT is posted on NAMTA's Art Advocacy website. Read All the FACTS.

Advocating for the Arts is a High Priority for NAMTA and its Members
Time and again studies have shown that young people who are exposed to the arts result in better educated and productive students who, quite often, continue their creative enjoyment throughout their lives. Unfortunately, Federal, State and local funding for the Arts has increasingly diminished in many communities over the past several years.  

NAMTA’s Art Advocacy efforts are strategically focused to provide its members with the tools, information and resources needed to help them make a positive impact in their communities. NAMTA is introducing this new quarterly newsletter to assist this effort and it is free to both members and non-members.

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