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This is what we heard from you during the show!

Thank you!!!

  • It is going great so far!

  • Thanks so much! First day is going great.

  • You guys did something instead of nothing..... had some meaningful meetings today…… great job……you met the challenge…..well done!

  • Day one was crazy. I am as exhausted as I am after running a booth on the first day. I have made more new connections already and reconnected with so many from last year. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings after we have a day of experience behind us.

  • We are finding our way through it. We have learned a lot, and are doing our very best. On the whole, its working out. NAMTA and ACFI have done a great job making the most of it.

  • Kudos to NAMTA and Creativation for an awesome trade show production. Our sister company is also having their trade show this week. They're envious of how engaged and energized we all are. My compliments to all involved in making this happen.

  • Thank you! It has been a busy one for sure.

  • Thank you so much! We are having a wonderful time with this year's virtual event. A big "thank you" to everyone at NAMTA for putting this together for us!

  • I am meeting so many NAMTA members which I love...It is fabulous seeing the things that are similar and learning our differences.

  • We are indeed having a good time. We decided to "attend" virtually from Miami Beach this year for a change in scenery.

  • So far, so good...we're doing a bunch of meetings this am, and a bunch more tomorrow. It's all been very smooth & intuitive...thanks for all of your hard work!!!

  • LOVE all of David Pyle's scarfs!

  • Hello everyone from Sunny Florida! What great sessions this morning so far! Am I the only one who is pleasantly surprised at how great a virtual event can be??

  • This show format is really fun, we've made ample progress with several of our accounts -- I think it's great, thanks to all!

  • Had NINE one-on-one meetings yesterday!

  • We have a full week of meetings

  • Wouldn't miss a NAMTA! You guys did a great job.

  • Enjoying the NAMTA experience & so far successful! Take care!

  • Thanks for all hard work - This has been different, but really good.

  • At this point we are having a good show with very excited dealers. I think folks are just happy to see the faces of friends. I’m also surprised at how little this NAMTA has affected my liver! Haven’t had a drink since Saturday night!

  • I know you and the staff poured your hearts into this and it was a job well done

  • Crazy busy day, but that's a good thing, right?

  • This has been a very good show! Y'all did an amazing job putting all this together. I have missed so many people, so this is a nice stopgap, but can't wait till next year in Orlando!

  • Thanks so much! The show has been great for us to network and understand the market

  • Wanted to drop in and tell you this has been FABULOUS. Really like this format! And already making plans for next year.

  • We appreciate all the support we've been getting from everyone!

  • We have had a great show so far.

  • FANTASTIC SHOW, tell Rick I will email him soon as I can catch my breath.

  • So you get the picture-let me set the stage - I am standing at my desk…applauding… applauding… applauding… applauding… applauding… applauding…for a job well done!!!!  You knocked it out of the park!

  • We found the show effective for our needs and actually felt rather comfortable with the platform and how it worked with our customers. 

  • I saw and met with over 50 retailers, each for 30 minutes, and it was amazing. I got all I was hoping for from the show, new contacts, reestablished contacts that had gone “missing”…..those of us that put the effort in to learn and ask questions about the platform and how it worked and all of that, it was pretty easy….. almost all of my retailers told me, how great it was that I set up a booth for them. It was so “fun” to see the product, see it on display, get up close to it and all of that….. I am so glad I followed my gut, and spent 3 weeks figuring out how to get it all in the space. It made it feel like a trade show…..The show is over and I will spend all weekend following up with those retailers….. thank you and the board for testing some pretty scary waters . . . AND HERE’S TO A LIVE SHOW IN ORLANDO IN A YEAR!!!!.

  • Creativation was amazing! It was so fun to connect with so many companies.

  • I thought virtual Namta was a huge success. The participation rate was nearly the same as the traditional format, at least for accounts in the west. Engagement was high, Swapcard worked well despite its quirks and limitations, and much of the value that comes from a tradeshow translated through the virtual platform…. and the cost savings is real. “Better than expected” has been a sentiment I’ve heard a lot.


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