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New! Golden Natural® Blend Short Handle Brushes

Golden Natural® brushes are an exclusive mix of natural and synthetic hair for Watercolor, Acrylics and Oils. These short handle brushes are the perfect choice for controlled strokes and exacting detail. Exceptional quality and priced right!

Thirty sizes, in eight shapes, are available, including the new Ultra Round shape. The compact 13" Golden Natural® counter-top display features exciting graphics and consumer friendly information.

New! Bristlon® Short Handle Synthetic Brushes

Bristlon®, the breakthrough brush series for acrylics, oils and water media is now available in thirty short handle brushes in seven shapes. Brought to market by artists' popular demand worldwide, this stiff synthetic series is our best selling acrylic brush.

Presented in a compact 13 inch counter-top display featuring eye-catching graphics and helpful consumer information.


Dura-Bright Black Film

Grafix  debuts a new surface addition to its Dura-bright and Craft Plastic lines!

Dura-Bright Black is an Opaque Black polypropylene film, also known as synthetic paper. Like our Opaque White surface introduced last year, Opaque Black is a thick, PH Neutral, non-absorbent film that won’t buckle or tear but is easy to cut. An ideal smooth surface for mixed media, drawings, art journaling, collages and more! Great to use with metallic, opaque and iridescent mediums like alcohol inks, acrylics, embossing mediums, glitter & foil, gel medium or molding paste and more.

Try using it in a wide variety of techniques like reductive techniques, monoprinting, sewing, folding or hydro dipping. Available in 9x12”, 12×12”, 12×24”, 18×24”, and 24×36” packages of 4 and 25 sheets. Also, in 9x12" convenient 12 sheet pads.


CAS Paints
CAS Paints is introducing new reformulated Solvent-Free fast dry Alkydpro paints and mediums.

We are adding 38 new colors including : Cadmium Free Bismuth yellow,orange,red, Irridiscent and many more bringing Alkydpro line to over 100 colors. Available in sizes 37ml, 70ml, 120ml tubes and 8oz, 16 oz. 32oz cans.

After years of research,development and testing we eliminated solvent from our Alkydpro formulation creating  the only Solvent-Free fast drying oil paint on the market. We also reformulated our Alkydpro Fast dry Gel mediums, Impasto and Texture mediums resulting in solvent free and non yellowing. The combination of Alkydpro paints and mediums makes possible painting in oils without the use of any solvent

AlkydPro is a line of artists colors for the 21st Century made with the latest paint technology. AlkydPro is the first Solvent-Free U.S. made fast dry professional alkyd available to artists. Dries in less than 20 hours dependent upon layer thickness and room temperature
An artist can complete a painting in a fraction of the time compared to traditional oil. This is great when dealing with approaching deadlines working on multiple paintings at the time, a great advantage in both the academic and professional   environments. Fast drying also allows more creative freedom without being interrupted for a week or more while the surface dries. A brief drying time is a must for artists who travel, paint plein air or work in layers. They are genuine professional fast drying alkyd-oils.

Solvent free Alkydpro binder allows the use of maximum pigment concentration as found in professional oil paints. Allkydpro are fully inter-mixable with linseed oil paint and mediums and can be used to speed the drying time of any oils using the same techniques and cleaning procedure as conventional oil paints  They contain no fillers, adulterants, or opacifiers and they are loaded with the highest pigment concentration.
  • Solvent-Free
  • Dries to touch in 20 hours
  • Made with non-yellowing sunflower alkyd
  • Buttery consistency with highest pigment concentration
  • Forms brilliant flexible film
  • Fully compatible and inter-mixable with all traditional linseed oil paints, mediums, varnishes, techniques
  • 4 Solvent Free non yellowing Impasto medium, Fast-dry gel medium, Texture Impasto and Texture Fine medium
  • 38 new colors
  • Made in USA
  • [email protected]


from Product Evolutions

Steve Galante has created an ergonomic tube squeezer that allows artists to effortlessly get every drop out of all their paint tubes, eliminating up to 25% waste. The product concept was founded on quality and comfort. It had to be highly effective yet easy on your hands.  The Big Squeeze is the end result.


With  there is a simple satisfaction in knowing you got everything you paid for. When you use only your fingers to squeeze a tube, you’re throwing paint away.  With one Big Squeeze in your art studio, you can rest assured knowing you’re eliminating waste and saving money.
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from The Artful Maven®

Anita Houston, The Artful Maven®, has been teaching canvas painting classes since 2013 across the country using her tissue sketches, and she has no formal painting training. She has found that people across the globe are timid to try painting because they see a scary blank canvas, and feel that they do not have the skills to sketch a subject to paint or are too scared to try.

Her new product Sketch-EZ® from WeCraft, will help those who feel this way to finally start to paint, as well as help the seasoned painter to mass produce or try new substrates. Anita is launching 12 designs this year, six floral and six with animals, that can be cut apart or used whole, and collaged on a variety of surfaces (including but not limited to canvas, wood, metal, glass, and paper) using clear gesso or a gel/collage medium and a paint brush. Once Sketch-EZ® is applied and dry on a surface, apply color on top with virtually any medium such as acrylic paints, oil paints, encaustics, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, or even crayons. Think of Sketch-EZ® as a collaged coloring book page where you are free to go beyond the lines or even add things in to make it your own. You can do it...you can be a painter if you try! In addition, Sketch-EZ® can be used in card making, art journaling, scrapbooking, book/journal making, jewelry design, and creating one of a kind home decor pieces.

The sky really is the limit!

Grex Airbrush

MF.TG Micro Spray Gun Set

This is the Tritium.TG at heart, and bundled with all the essential accessories to make it work and play like a mini spraygun. Along with the heavy duty, ready for anything case, the MF.TG is ready for almost anything you throw its way. Reach in to the tightest areas for that perfect finish job. Precision spraying, spot repairs and touch-ups are quick and easy with minimal overspray.

Like all Grex airbrushes, this gun evolves with your needs with plenty of accessories and attachments to accommodate all your applications.

The Airbrush Institute

 Airbrushing 101

The Airbrush Institute LLC, formed by Maryellen Vettori and Bob Keeling, is dedicated to airbrush education. With the airbrush having so many applications, their vision is to bring the airbrush into the hands of the crafter, the hobbyist, and the fine artist.

They demystified this artistic tool with a book, “Airbrushing 101”. It is a complete Intro to Airbrushing class in workbook form, which guides the student to airbrush mastery. The airbrush is introduced in a fun and interesting way, and the course will prepare the student to apply the newfound skills to a variety of projects.

Some of the topics are: what is needed to get started, how to maintain the airbrush, what supplies are needed in the toolbox, what the airbrush is capable of doing, and how to produce a dot, line, dagger, textures and shading. The skills are built in a cumulative way, and culminate to four final projects. The absolute BEST part of this book is that there are workbook pages that allow mastery of each skill before moving on to the next! There has NEVER been anything like it on the market!

Be prepared to fall in love with airbrushing! Let’s begin an airbrushing journey together!

The Collection

The secret behind the unmistakable properties of "The Collection’s" papers begins with the selection of high-quality raw materials.

The three Collection product groups consist of Watercolor, Ingres Pastel and Sketch. The Collection with the special character that is unique to traditionally manufactured papers includes premium products for each classic painting technique. These are precisely tailored to the requirements of the techniques. Valuable cotton papers and exquisite mould-made papers produced on the traditional cylinder mould machine complete the program.

Hahnemühle artist papers are vegan, acid-free and resistant to ageing.

Toned Watercolor Book

Hahnemühle Toned Watercolor Book - inspired by Urban Sketchers, Hahnemühle’s Toned Watercolor Book contains 60 pages of finest watercolor paper. Matched to the requirements of watercolor painting, it is a must for all creatives who don’t want to miss the texture of classic watercolor paper on the go.

The toned papers allow to set the focus on the motif, as a natural background color is already given. In addition, the toned pages minimize the sun’s reflection and allow a relaxed sketching outside. The 200 gsm watercolor paper has a fine grain surface on the front and backside. Due to the surface sizing, colors can be effortlessly lifted from the paper. The use of masking fluids, adhesive tapes and erasers is possible without residue.

The Toned Watercolor Book is available in grey or beige paper. The solid linen cover protects the contents from moisture and dirt, the color-coordinated rubber band keeps everything well secured. Hahnemühle Toned Watercolor Books are available in landscape format A6 and A5, as well as square in the format 14 x 14 cm. The toned watercolor papers are acid-free and age resistant.

1584 by Hahnemühle

The elegant "1584 by Hahnemühle" notebook is available in the finest of colors; sea green, lilac and peach. With its attractive, feminine design it is the perfect note-taking companion. Thanks to the three color-coded bookmark ribbons it is easy to find your appointments and notes, and a rubber band helps keeping your thoughts, little notes and pictures safe inside the notebook. With 200 pages, "1584 by Hahnemühle" offers enough space to make appointments and reminders in your own style that brings back a bygone moment and tames the chaos of everyday life.
  • 160 white pages of the finest writing paper with a 40-sided color-coordinated core.
  • The paper slides pleasantly through your fingers and is an absolute must for analogue font lovers.
The haptic, durable cover of the notebook with a precious embossing on the back does not only protect the content, but it also makes the book a piece of jewelry that you like to surround yourself with. In practical A5 format, it fits in any handbag so that thoughts and memories can be captured at any time.

Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black Heavy

Doubling down (and doubling the weight) on black watercolor paper with new, heavy 100% cotton blocks and sheets. Legion Paper proudly introduces a bigger, brawnier version of its successful Aqua Black Coldpress with its new Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black Heavy blocks in three sizes. Very dark and very heavy, this sturdy addition to the Stonehenge family is a game changer in any medium whether it’s gouache, pearlescent acrylics, metallic watercolors or beyond.

Durable, distinguished and as dark as midnight, it might just be the perfect surface for the plein air artist to create the perfect night sky. It is technique-agnostic allowing for masterful masking, layering, blending or scrubbing without buckling or sacrificing control or color holdout. A black paper versatile enough to do everything and heavy enough to handle anything.

This is Legion sounding the alarm to all artists: It’s time to go dark.Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black Heavy blocks and sheets consist of 300lb/600gsm weight paper with 10 sheets per block, glued on all four sides, available in sizes: 9x12 and 10x14. Also available in a sheet size of 20x30 with plain edge.

YUPO Medium Round

Watercolor? Alcohol Inks? Acrylics?

YUPO Round takes that slick, beloved tree-free medium and literally reshapes it. What does this mean for you? A chance to step back the way Renaissance artists did and have your work reborn and reframed within a pleasing new circumference. And once you lay brush to paper, we have no doubt you’ll like the new shape of things.It’s a revolution that cannot be cornered. YUPO opened a door of creativity and so many artists just piled their way in.

Now YUPO Round is changing things for the better - and circular. With new round pads, artists can now reshape, rethink, recompose and reimagine everything and create anew.

YUPO Medium Round is available in 74lb/197gsm, in both 8" and 12" diameter.

The Ultimate Rinse Cup™

by Paint Puck®

The Ultimate Rinse Cup™
is the newest product fro
m Paint Puck Products; the youngest and most exciting name in retail art supplies!

Truly an ultimate companion in the art studio, this multi-tool for artists is much more than a paintbrush cleaner. Patented silicone rubber nubs on the base of the rinse cup pull paint off your dirty paint brushes during the painting process, curbing destructive habits while preserving your brushes.

Shaving minutes to hours off your artistic process, our tools will have you creating art more efficiently than ever before. At Paint Puck, our goal is to provide artists with helpful tools that maximizes the time where a paintbrush touches a canvas, and minimizing the time in between.

Please check out our new website and give us a follow on Instagram - @paintpuck.

Watercolor The Easy Way

With Watercolor the Easy Way, your watercoloring creativity is about to be released! Quickly learn the fundamentals of color mixing, brushstrokes, and more. Then move right ahead to success, thanks to a selection of 50 stunning pictures to paint. Best of all, the projects can be completed in 30 minutes! From beautiful botanicals and fabulous florals to animals and trendy designs, the projects are approachable and fun, and there's something for every style.

Each of the 50 simple tutorials is broken down into key steps so you can clearly see how to begin your painting, layer color, and add detail. Also included are hand-drawn patterns you can trace onto your watercolor pad, brush recommendations, helpful tips, and color palettes to try. The lessons here introduce you to the magic of watercolor, spark your creativity, and provide you with a place to explore and discover your inner artist.

Shine Bright

This is a book all about you! Build creativity and confidence with this super fun book that focuses on all of the awesome traits that make you special!

Each chapter features adorable patterns to color, fun drawing lessons, and ideas for writing about your hopes and dreams. From llamas and mermaids to unicorns and butterflies, you'll find cuteness, inspiration, and fun on every page! less

Cos-Tools cutting tools used on various EVA foams for Cosplay costume design. Shipping now.


Rick Alonzo (pictured left) has designed a tool to make painting easier and more enjoyable.

One of his goals as a professional artist and teacher is to inspire people to be creative and help them unleash the artist within.

Rick has spent years testing, developing, and perfecting the tools and techniques of the craft. GoEasel is the result of his latest efforts.

GoEasel is an all-in-one easel, water basin, and brush holder. It supports most standard sized tabletop canvases. GoEasel is designed to reduce setup and cleanup time, to save space, and is easy to store.

Check out and follow GoEasel on Facebook or Instagram!  @goeasel.


edding 1200 Metallic Fiber Pens

The 1200 metallic German-made color fiber pen is the super star of the edding family because it is glamorous and versatile.

It is ideal to write on dark color paper or paperboard, as well as on glossy coated paper. Whether used to write a good luck message, put a caption in a photo album or add a loving touch to a calendar, the 1200 metallic brings the rendering to a whole new level.

Try it once with Fabriano Black Black and they will become inseparable. The colors are dissolved in a water based ink and passed through a filter system into the 1 to 3mm wide soft nib of the pen before being applied to the surface. The 6 quick-drying light-fast colors (Gold; Silver; Iridescent Red; Iridescent Blue; Iridescent Green; and Iridescent Violet) are vibrant and opaque.

They are, of course, available in a convenient tin set that will do great during the Holidays

F.M. Brush

Vegan Camel Hair for Water Colours

The Latest Innovation in Vegan Material by F.M. Brush Company

Vegan Camel Hair

F.M. Brushes’ latest breakthrough in synthetic fibers, intended for tiny hands and growing minds.

Our Synthetic Camel Hair Watercolor Brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. All components of the brush are biodegradable.

Our unpainted wooden handles are sourced from FSC-managed forests, safe for children and our planet. These brushes are free from allergens, dander, dyes, and lacquer.

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