New Products from Namta Members

Zebra Pen Corporation

Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen

The Zebra Mildliner Brush is conveniently double ended with a paint brush like tip and fine marker in one pen.

Featuring the same soft Mildliner color that you love that is translucent, excellent for layering and doesn’t bleed through most surfaces. The brush tip is like an artist’s brush allowing for thick or thin strokes while the fine tip marker provides more consistent lines and controlled marks.

  • Available in 15 colors
  • Pigment ink is water resistant
  • Doesn’t bleed through most surfaces
  • Translucent and great for layering

Creative Art Materials

Caran d'Ache Multi-Techniques

Water-Soluble Set

Caran d'Ache is extending its Graphite Line range with a new generation of graphite.

The new Technalo RGB and Grafcube RGB fuse the power of graphite with the magic of colour to create exceptional effects: 2-in-1 tools that combine the qualities of a colour pencil with water-soluble lead and a graphite pencil to meet the discerning requirements of artists and creative professionals.

Used dry, these media retain the original properties of graphite. In contact with water, the black is tinted with subtle shades of carmine lacquer (575), dark phthalo green (719) or Prussian blue (159) for unique renderings.

These innovative tools offer new creative dimensions with the promise of exceptional lightfastness.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross Travel Easel

NEW Bob Ross Travel Easel - Tiny and Mighty! Smooth hardwood, beautifully fire-branded with the Bob Ross insignia! Handy little companion weighs just less than 2-lbs., yet holds standard-sized canvas!

Elastic fabric cord holds and tilts the canvas with gentle resistance. Packs up to the size of a small textbook, approx 10.25” x 7” x 1.25”. Sturdy with nonskid pads, just right for the robust style of Bob Ross painting.

Available March 2019.  For information contact [email protected]

Silver Brush Limited

Silver Kolinsky™

Natural Pure Red Sable Brush Assortment

Silver's world class 100% Kolinsky red sable brushes are absolutely superior for all creative applications. They keep needle sharp points and their knife-flat edges resist splitting. These superior brushes hold maximum color for quick continuous lines, strokes and images.

Our Kolinsky sable brushes are an exceptional value for professional and beginning painters who seek top quality. The compact 7-1/2" (19cm) wide counter-top assortment (R-7287S) contains 18 of the most popular Silver Kolinsky™ shapes and sizes: round, bright, liner and filbert.

Eli-Chem Resins UK Ltd.


Resi-TINT MAX is a range of high quality pre-polymer pigments. The heavy body paste consistency provides a rich color effect with rapid and uniform dispersion into clear polymer resins.

This range is designed to be added to MasterCast 1-2-1, totalCAST, Ultra-Cast xt as well as our General Purpose and CER slow set clear casting resins.The chemistry of the pigment formulation shows remarkable results in creating cell effects on its own (tests conducted with MasterCast 1-2-1 resin). The cells that result are further enhanced by the addition of resi-BLAST Dispersion Additive.

Currently, we are introducing 19 fantastic colours at Namta. With our new technology and filling equipment, we have the capability to offer every RAL color in existence. We can create any of the 1625 colors you desire for
your customers!

  • Pre-polymer pigment
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent light fastness rating
  • Concentrated

Chameleon Art Products

Chameleon Fineliners

With Chameleon Art Products’ innovative new Fineliners you can instantly blend color for all your writing, journaling, drawing, and coloring.

Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap! To instantly blend colors all you have to do is switch the cap, or hop the top to another pen, leave it a few seconds and make vibrant color to color blends! Chameleon Fineliners are great to use as an everyday pen, the high-quality 3mm metal encased tip makes for smooth writing performance and superior ink flow. However, the ability to instantly bend 2, 3 or more colors together is what sets these pens apart from any other fineliner on the market!

Chameleon Fineliners are filled with water-based dry safe ink that is designed to last for a couple of days if the caps are left off and won't bleed through most papers. The Chameleon Fineliner pens come in 48 brilliant colors are sold in 6,12, 24 and 48 packs. With Chameleon Fineliners you can write, journal, draw, and color like no other!

For more info please call 888-300-3111 or email [email protected].



Slice, Inc.

Slice® Craft Knife
(Safety Cap)

Slice’s 10589 Craft Knife (Safety Cap)
Protect your tool and yourself
with Never-Lost™ 

Craft knives are indispensable tools in many workplaces: R and D departments, manufacturing floors, and biomedical labs, to name a few. Wherever detailed cutting, scraping, or chiselling is required, a craft knife will do the trick. But craft blades are notoriously dangerous. While Slice’s finger-friendly® safety edge significantly reduces laceration risks, punctures risks still exist, especially since some applications require pointed-tip blades.

The obvious solution is a safety cap. But how long do most caps stay with their knives? The Slice 10589 Craft Knife introduces our Never-Lost™ safety cap design. This sleek protective cap is integrated with the handle. It locks in a protective position when the knife is idle, then twists and locks out of the way during use. An outer notch prevents the tool from rolling off your work surface, regardless of the cap’s position.

"Based on the 10548 Craft Knife, this newer version includes all the same great features, with the addition of a cap that will protect you and your tool. Like the original craft knife and our 10580 Precision Knife, the 10589 features a cross-hatched copper collar and a lightly weighted handle for stability and control. And, like all our tools, the 10589 works for everyone—lefties included." - TJ Scimone, Slice Founder and CEO.

The 10589 Craft Knife is a versatile detailed cutter, compatible with all Slice craft blades: seam rippers, chisels, and pointed-tip or rounded-tip cutting blades. About Slice At Slice, we know what goes into a safety knife. Our commitment to safety shows in our innovative designs, including our patent-pending finger-friendly blade edge. Our holistic approach to safety includes ergonomic tool designs. For tips on building a strong safety culture, read our weekly Workplace Safety Blog.



Fudenosuke Colors

Tombow's new Fudenosuke Colors feature the hard-tipped Fudenosuke Brush Pen in an array of colors. Prior to the release of the Fudenosuke Colors, Fudenosukes had only been available in black and gray ink options. The new Fudenosuke Colors 10-pack includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, gray and black. The Fudenosuke Colors are also available in open stock.

First introduced in 2001, the Fudenosuke Brush Pen has quickly become a fan favorite among artists. With its small, firm yet flexible brush tip, users can achieve thick or thin lines just by changing the amount of pressure applied when creating strokes. Find out more at

For questions, please email [email protected].




With its light-brown paper, this sketchbook reminds of a cappuccino with fresh froth. Therefore, it's the ideal first choice for warm shades of color. On the restrained background, colors stand out well and shine gently. The Cappuccino book is the perfect complement to the successful Hahnemühle Grey Book line.

By setting white accents, you can create wonderful contrasts. The smooth sketch paper, with its closed surface, is perfectly suited for working with Indian-ink pens, fountain pens and acrylic markers, as well as other water-based pens with minimum abrasion. The dark-brown cover of he sketchbook nestles smoothly in your hands. Firm and discreetly grained, it feels like real wood. Bound in several layers and thread-stitched, all the pages sit solidly and allow the artist to work on two pages, across the center seam. A brown bookmark ribbon completes the premium-quality features.

Features 40/sheet / 80 pages featuring 120gsm, The Cappuccino Book is slim and an ideal companion if you are on the road or traveling. At the same time, it comes with enough reserves for many subjects. Available in 8.27 x 11.69" (A4) and 5.83 xx 8.27" (A5), acid-free and with a high level of longevity.


Nitram Fine Art Charcoal

Nitram Stylus

Beautifully designed, this lightweight drawing tool is made from medical grade stainless steel  with a sleek barrel that is made from the toughest high grade poly carbonate. This versatile and robust drawing tool inspires confidence every time you draw indoors at your easel, or outdoors - plein aire.

Using the new Nitram Stylus is so easy and natural that creative and expressive responses just seem to flow from the tip.

The Nitram Stylus is designed to hold Nitram H, HB, B or 6 mm Round Charcoal. The package  includes a Nitram  Charcoal Assortment and a set of  4 colour-coded end caps to identify which charcoal is in the holder.



Harmony Watercolor

Traditional Hahnemühle artist papers are produced according to ancient methods, using high-quality resources and pure spring water. Inspired by artists since 1584, Hahnemühle continues to grow and progress by combining experiences and knowledge gathered over the course of many centuries.

Harmony Watercolor is a natural-white paper for all wet-painting techniques. Harmony Watercolor features surface sizing. Colors stand out excellently on the paper and impress with their natural brilliance, thus giving every subject its very own, unique presence. Masking fluids or making tape can be used and removed residue-free. While wet colors can be easily corrected or taken off. Harmony watercolor is acid free, light-resistant and features extreme longevity.

Available in Cold Pressed, Rough and Hot Pressed.


Ruby Red Paints, Inc.

UV/Blacklight Theme Kits

Kid's Product!

American made Ruby Red Paints, Inc. now offers three new UV/blacklight reactive theme kits. Each kit will easily paint thirty full faces. The products are FDA/cosmetic compliant with a child toy safety rating. They come in three versions Cool Colors, Warm Colors and Top Colors and these are a great compliment to our full line of over 30 different theme kits.

The suggested retail is only $5.50 and you can purchase them for as low as $1.74. See our electronic brochure of over 6000 American made products at

These kits really pop under the blacklight. In the "top colors" one of the colors is "invisible". In other words when you are in conventional light you cannot see the product on your skin. When you walk into a room with a blacklight, it glows blue for a great special effect. The paints are water activated and dry to the touch in under a minute. Wear all day and remove with one drop of baby shampoo and water. We offer over 100 colors. We also can private label with low minimums.

For more information [email protected]

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